A network of dentist that promotes dental services not covered by regular dental insurance.

This organization wants to provide quality of care at affordable prices by providing a discount of $1,000 on dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and invisalign (invisible braces). This service also allows the network of dentist to educate their patients and to help them to schedule their initial complimentary appointment using the email feature of the internet.

eSynapse looked for a convenient domain name: eDentistry.org and created the tag name “Excellent Dentistry affordable for You” to start with. We worked a month on the road to build eDentistry.org web site, to find a convenient hosting company and to deploy a demo.

At the present, eSynapse is in charge of the web site maintenance.

Also in our portfolio: edentistry.org, exdo.com, losgatosdental.com, alcard.com, periomed.com, freeprojects.com.

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